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Russia Health Insurance Terms Of Service

Terms and Conditions

You must agree without limitation to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions before using this website. The content provided on this website is for educational and general purposes only. All content details have been collected from publicly available sources and was accurate when published. Nothing on this website can be used as evidence of insurance or cover to you without direct confirmation of a successful transaction, and we will not be held liable for any losses that occur.

Limitation of Use

Except with our express permission you may never upload, publish, or reproduce derivative work with respect to the content, designs or resources provided on this website. Intellectual property rights are licensed to Russia Health Insurance and its subsidiaries.

Trademark Usage

The “WGC” name and affiliate logos are trademarks and property of WGC. WGC properties may only be used for lawful purposes. This site is designed for marketing and lead generation purposes only and does not advise on or sell any insurance products.

How We Receive Our Fee

Our fee comes directly from an insurer at no extra cost to you. When you choose an insurance policy, the insurer you select will pay a fee to us for our service.

Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS)

The personal information you give us, including your name, address, email address, and phone number are necessary in order to facilitate your insurance policy, and may be used by not only us, but third party insurers and insurance intermediaries as well. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide to us is correct.

We will use your personal information to contact you regarding your plan, payments, any underwriting information, and for direct marketing services. Direct marketing services include using your information to send you promotional material regarding insurance products and services. We may also share your personal data with our affiliates including insurance companies and advisors for the administration of your policy as well as possible insurance based additional marketing.

If you want to see or amend the personal data you have supplied us with, or wish to cancel the direct marketing material you are receiving then contact us. Our email address is [email protected] and we will remove your information or amend it accordingly.