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Giving Birth and Maternity in Russia

Bringing a new person into this world is a joy accompanied by a high degree of stress. If you are an expatriate becoming a parent in Russia the journey can be even more exhausting due to thebureaucratic regulations and medical care facility structure. For instance up until 2006 non of the international medical centers provided services to women in labor. Pregnant women could consult with the doctor all through out their pregnancy, however in order to give birth majority either flew back to their home country or to the neighboring Finland that has overall good maternity hospitals.

The brave ones who stayed in Russia and used the facilities of local birthing homes generally have nothing pleasant to say about the facilities and the services there.

It is important to note that in Russia in order to obtain child's birth certificate at least one of the parents would need to go to ZAGS office in person. Do not expect anyone to speak English, hence be sure to arrange a native Russian speaker to come with you. You will need the following documents:

International Maternity Clinic in Moscow

Perinatal Medical Centre is currently the only international birthing facility in Moscow that is in compliance with western standards. Over 90% of expatriates living in Moscow use the facility, it is also popular with local celebrities and high net-worth individuals. The minimum charge for a labor and 3 day stay at the hospital is estimated to cost around US$ 6000.

Address: 24 Sevastopolsky Prospekt, Korpus 1
Metro station: Sevastopolskaya
Tel: 8(495) 331-85-10, 8(495) 331-73-32