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Russia Health Insurance Plans Information International Plan

Russia Health Insurance Information International Plan

While Obligatory Medical Insurance will protect your health and well being in Russia, it does not provide protection outside of Russian borders. Obtaining an International Health Insurance plan would be the optimal solution for those expatriates and foreign nationals who travel extensively or foresee themseleves seeking healthcare outside of Russia.

Generally anyone can acquire International Medical Insurance plan. At Russia Health Insurance our consultants have wealth of experience dealing with variety of international health insurance plans. This gives us the ability to provide most valuable information in order for you to make the best decision possible when it comes to choosing an appropriate health insurance plan with international coverage

Russia Health Insurance Information International Plan Coverage

Usually International Health Insurance Plans offer multiple benefits to choose from. A lot depends on your insurance provider as well as the coverage options that you will include in your plan. Some of the most common benefit options are:

International plans tend to be guaranteed to be renewable for life. This means that despite your age or where you choose to live next, your health is always protected.

About International Health Insurance in Russia

International health insurance offers a wide range of benefits which are otherwise unavailable with a domestic only Russia Health insurance plan.

There are generally a number of differences between an international insurance policy and a domestic one. The foremost of these differences is with regards to the ability of each type of policy to provide coverage for medical treatments in various parts of the world.

A domestic Health insurance plan will typically only provide coverage for medical treatment in the country in which it was purchased – in this case, if you obtain a mandatory Russian health insurance plan from the government’s national insurance scheme, or you purchase a Russian only voluntary medical insurance policy the likelihood is that each of these two plans will only offer protection for medical treatment which occurs inside the borders of the Russian Federation. An International health insurance plan, on the other hand, will normally allow for treatment to be covered on a worldwide basis; ensuring that no matter where in the world the policyholder may be that they can always have access to high quality medical protection.

Another fundamental difference between a Domestic health insurance policy and an international, or global health insurance policy is seen in the ability to renew a plan. Generally, many domestic coverage options will place a limit on the ability of the policyholder to renew the plan – this normally occurs at age 65. This means that, if you are holding a domestic Russia health insurance plan that, in many cases, you will often be unable to renew the coverage once you reach 65 years of age. This can be highly concerning for older individuals who may have developed a serious medical condition while on their domestic policy, as they may find themselves unable to continue receiving protection from the plan once they have reached the pre-defined cutoff age. However, with International health insurance options the ability to renew the plan is normally guaranteed for life – as long as the policyholder wants to renew the policy that option will generally be afforded to them under most types of iPMI coverage for their entire lifetime.

The third major difference between international health insurance options and their domestic medical counterparts is seen in premium calculations. A domestic health insurance policy will normally have premiums calculated based on the policyholder’s medical claims history under the plan. This means that upon the initial application for the policy the plan may seem extremely cheap as the policyholder has no medical claims history with the plan. However, when a claim is made it is very typical for the premiums to increase quite sharply due to the inflated “risk” presented by the policyholder. This also makes it very difficult to forecast premium increases on a domestic plan due to the fact that most individuals will not know how much medical treatment they expect to receive over the course of any given year.

International health insurance premiums are normally calculated based on the age of the policyholder and the plan’s geographical area of coverage; it is normally true that all individuals of the same age, with the same plan benefits, and in the same area of coverage will typically pay exactly the same premium for their international health insurance plan. Furthermore, the premium associated with an international policy will generally only increase as you age, and not because you have made a claim under the plan.

International Russia Health Insurance Information

With the availability of both domestic and international health insurance plans in Russia it is important that you understand which type of coverage best suits your long term needs.

If you wish to find out more information about variety of International Health Insurance plans, the coverage options or the premium calculation please contact us. At Russia Health Insurance our dedicated consultants can provide you with information and advice you need. Alternatively, you can also submit the form at the top of this page to request additional clarification about international medical insurance in Russia.