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Russia Health Insurance Plans Information

Russia Health Insurance Information on Plans

Russia Health Insurance specializes in providing quality information about variety of health insurance plans and policies available in Russia. Generally the health insurance plans are appropriate for people of all age groups, occupations and nationalities. Most of the time health insurance options can be tailored to specific needs of the policy holder allowing for greater flexibility.

Russia Health Insurance Information on Individual Plans

When relocating to Russia your employer or client is obliged to apply for an obligatory medical insurance (OMI) policy on your behalf. However, most major corporations will most likely provide you with an additional voluntary insurance package.

It is important to be aware of what is covered in both of these health insurance policies. They often overlap in the services covered, while not insuring you against certain risks that you might perceive to be relevant or important to you.

With the help of Russia Health Insurance you can gather information about current state of healthcare and the medical insurance industry in Russia, get information about the best hospitals and clinics, and find ways of expanding your current health insurance policy or package. If your employer did not provide you with voluntary medical insurance package we can provide information that will assist you in finding the right plan tailored to your needs.

For more information about individual coverage options please click Individual Russia Health Insurance.

Russia Health Insurance Information on Company Plans

Setting up as well as running a business in Russia is a hefty bureaucratic enterprise. After you are done dealing with government rules and regulations, the next big and important step is to insure that you have the right people on board.

On occasion that might involve getting highly qualified specialist from outside of Russia. As a part of the employment contract by law you are obliged to apply for compulsory health insurance for your employees. By this time you are probably aware of the ill-equipped public hospitals and polyclinics of the country.

To make your employment offer more appealing you could also offer your new staff a voluntary (purchased) medical insurance package.

At Russia Health Insurance we can assist you in finding information about most cost-effective solutions available for company health insurance plans. You would be happy to know for instance that Group and Company insurance plans can typically be acquired at a substantial discount and are often extremely flexible in the levels of protection which they are able to provide.

To learn more about this type of coverage please click Group Russia Health Insurance.

Russia Health Insurance Information on Family Plans

Did you follow your spouse who had to move to Moscow for work? Or are you a young expatriate family currently residing in Russia? Not all insurance policies provided by employers include family health insurance coverage.

If you have time on your hands you may well contact different insurance companies to see what they have to offer in regards to family protection. You could also contact Russia Health Insurance, we offer the most up-to-date and reliable information on great spectrum of insurance policies for families in Russia. Family plans can include maternity and child coverage benefits, and a range of coverage options which are specifically designed for expatriate families living overseas.

Getting a family health insurance plan would be the wisest way to keep the health of your loved ones protected. For more details and further clarification please visit Family Health Insurance in Russia.

Russia Health Insurance Information on International Health Insurance Plans

If you travel extensively for work or spend great amount of time abroad, you would certainly benefit from a comprehensive international health insurance. At Russia Health Insurance we have a vast experience in handling procedure concerning international health insurance. With our expertise, our advisers can help you find all the relevant information you need should you wish to acquire an international health insurance plan.

Russia Health Insurance Information on Travel Plans

Whether you are traveling within Russia or outside its borders insuring you travel safety should be a priority. Should you need specialized medical assistance in the south of France or be compensated for the lost luggage in Donetsk, Russia Health Insurance can help you find the information that would make the decision on choosing the right Travel Insurance plan easy.

Russia Health Insurance Information on Medical Tourism

Even though Russia has seen immense growth in private hospitals that offer treatment for variety of specialized conditions the overall picture is still looking grim. When it comes to dental services for instance (one of the few medical services for which locals on average are willing to pay substantial amounts for) a lot of private clinics invite specialists from overseas. It is not uncommon to have a Swiss or French orthodontist or endodontist flying out to Russia once in two months to treat special clients.

When it comes to serious, at time life threatening conditions, Russians who are able to afford it choose to travel to Europe or the United States to seek adequate treatment or get specific surgeries done. In such cases health insurance plan or a policy proves extremely useful as such expenditures can add up to a substantial amount. Russia Health Insurance can help you gather relevant information not only about comprehensive medical insurance plans that would be able to cover your medical expenditures abroad, we can also assist you in finding the hospital where you will be able to get the right treatment.