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Russia Health Insurance Coverage New Born

New Born Child Health Insurance in Russia

If your child was born in Russia and you are covered under government's obligatory medical insurance policy you could make use of the free public medical and healthcare services.

However if you want to ensure efficient, high quality medical services from competent practitioners we would advise you to use services of Russia's international clinics or hospitals. The cost associated with these facilities can be rather high. If you purchase a voluntary medical insurance policy for your newborn generally all of the medical costs will be covered by the insurance plan.

Purchased, private Russia health insurance comes in handy especially during the first couple of years after birth. As the child's immune system is still weak, countless checkups, vaccinations and doctor visits will be frequent and if you choose to use private healthcare services for your infant’s healthcare, the costs can quickly add up.

Voluntary Russia medical insurance has numerous advantages that not only ensure your child's good health, but also can save your precious time and energy. With a voluntary medical insurance plan in Russia you can feel secure that your child's health is protected. By using medical services of international clinics you may enjoy benefits such as having doctor come to your house for necessary checkups, procedures, vaccinations, even for collection of tests and issuing paperwork or sick-leaves. Everything is done efficiently and on-time.

Some other benefits may include the 24 hour hotline with qualified pediatrician as well as direct contact and over the phone consultation with your doctor. Do keep in mind that different insurance providers have plans that differ in cost, coverage and they may set a cap (financial limit) for certain services or treatments. Therefore, before you purchase voluntary Russian health insurance that would cover your newborn pay attention to the following:

If you already have a voluntary medical health insurance plan find out if you can include your newborn into your plan.

New Born Insurance Waiting Periods in Russia

If you have enrolled on a Private Russian medical insurance plan relatively recently, with the intention of obtaining coverage for your newborn infant, it is important to note that like Maternity Health Insurance a New Born Child coverage benefit will typically be attached to a waiting period on most Russia Health Insurance policies.

Unlike the maternity coverage, however, the waiting period associated with a New Born coverage benefit tends to be much shorter. The waiting period for a newborn coverage benefit will typically be enforced in the region of 6 months from the start of the plan. This means that even if you are unable to complete the Maternity benefit waiting period, it may be possible to ensure the health of your newborn child if you elect to obtain this type of coverage benefit shortly after becoming aware of the pregnancy.

New Born Child Health Insurance Coverage

Provided that your purchased, private Russia medical insurance does have a new born coverage benefit, you will usually be granted an option of adding your new born child into the plan. This can typically be achieved in one of two ways.

Below you will find ways the new born child benefits are normally offered:

Born Into The Plan

Some medical insurance plans allow your child to be born into the plan. If your medical insurance allows for this, simply inform your insurance company about the birth of your child within a month of the birth date. Regardless of the child's health or medical condition at birth, he or she will be automatically added to your medical insurance plan and be able to receive comprehensive medical protection and care from the day of birth. Do keep in mind that in this case, the yearly premiums for the policy will increase due to the extra guaranteed coverage offered to the infant.

Free Benefit

In the case that your medical insurance allows for a free benefit for your child you will be able to receive medical coverage for a limited period of time or up to a predetermined financial limit. This benefit usually lasts for 30 days after the birth and is able to cover any medical issues that may occur during that time. Once the free benefit period is over, you would need to submit an application to the insurance company to confirm continuing coverage. That would however be a new, separate contract with your insurance provider and mean that any health conditions which may have developed prior to the signing of this part of policy agreement will be deemed as pre-existing and would typically not be covered. In the event that the application is approved, you would need to pay an additional premium for the infant’s coverage.

The extension of the possible coverage and benefits directly depends on the medical insurance plan that you have purchased as well as the particular rules, regulations and policies of an insurance provider that you chose to work with. While some insurance providers will be able to add your newborn to the plan free of charge, most likely you will be charged a higher premium. Certain insurance companies might offer you a discount for each subsequent child added to the plan.

At Russia Health Insurance we recommend confirming with your provider the exact scope and conditions of any newborn child health insurance you choose to purchase due to the large amount of variation which will occur with the many insurance companies offering this type of benefit.

Russian Infant Congenital Birth Defects Insurance

It is important to have your newborn child covered by medical insurance plan as it often times proves useful in providing necessary medical treatments and coverage for Congenital Birth Defects.

The term congenital birth defect refers to any issues or medical condition present from child's birth. The use of the term is very broad and may include anything from birth marks and insignificant skin conditions to more serious illnesses that will require extensive treatment in the future. The congenital birth defects are typically categorized according to the following criteria:

Discovering a serious congenital birth defect could be very stressful for the parents and very expensive in medical treatment fees. Be sure that you protect yourself against that risk by purchasing medical health insurance way in advance to insure you child's healthy future.

New Born Child Coverage Information

If you would like to know more about the ways private Russian health insurance can aid you and your family in the future, please contact us. You also have the option of requesting additional information by completing the short submission form at the top of this page. At Russia Health Insurance we can aid you in finding all the information you need about new born coverage benefits, ways of adding your newborn to your health insurance plan as well as referring you to best pediatricians and clinics in major cities in Russia.