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Russia Health Insurance Coverage Inpatient Plans

Russia Health Insurance Inpatient Plans

An Inpatient health insurance benefit is the core component of a majority of Russia medical insurance plans. The term “inpatient” refers to treatment requiring an overnight stay at a medical facility or a hospital. In-patient treatments tend to account for the largest amount of all medical costs one may incur in a span of a year due to the costs associated at staying in hospital and the various surgical procedures which often require that stay.

Inpatient Healthcare in Russia

If you are planning to move to Russia or are currently residing there you are probably aware of the overall state of the public medical facilities.

In an attempt to make the health care system more effective a number of budgetary needs were addressed through shrinking the number of hospital beds. In this effect the number has gone down from approximately 1.8 million in 1995 to 1.3 million in 2010. While solving certain problems with budgeting it triggered an enormous shortage of hospital beds; not only for mundane inpatient treatments, but also beds required for urgent surgeries.

A routine visit to a hospital in Russia, away from major city like Moscow or Saint-Petersburg, will unveil scenes of dozens of people routinely occupying hallways on bare mattresses as their inpatient treatment. It comes as a shock especially after one learns that number of hospital beds per-person in Russia is the same as in Germany or France. There are a number of problem areas with the Russian healthcare system, the primary issue being ineffective healthcare accounts for individuals requiring inpatient treatment which is further compounded by the unequal distribution of the population across the country. This often sees the limited number of Russian medical facilities outside of the major population centers suffer from extreme overcrowding and excessive waiting times.

In essence, there are simply not enough hospital beds in the country to deal with the number of people requiring inpatient care.

The standardized approach to hospital and medical facility location and placement does not address current needs of the population. For instance, in Leningrad Oblast the average comes to about 7 hospital beds per 1000 people, while in Magadan in the far east the the correlation is 17 to 1000.

Even though the number of hospital beds might be statistically high enough, it does not necessarily translate into addressing the needs of the population.

There are a number of international hospitals and clinics in Russia that fully comply with western standard of medical care. While the quality of medical services provided in these hospitals are high so are the fees incurred by patients – inpatient medical treatment at international hospitals and clinics is not normally covered by the national (obligatory) Russian health insurance scheme. With comprehensive private medical insurance an individual can access these facilities, avoid the bureaucracy associated with the government provided medical centers, and ensure that the higher costs of private care are covered – enabling access to quality healthcare anywhere in the country.

Russia Health Insurance Inpatient Coverage

The scope of an Inpatient health insurance benefit will generally depend on the plan purchased as well as the insurance company. Be sure to check with your insurance provider as to what exact benefits you are entitled to under your plan when it comes to Russian inpatient coverage. Typically once you have an inpatient benefit included on your medical insurance plan it covers the costs incurred for care at a hospital overnight.

On occasion, this part of a policy may also cover out-patient surgeries; however, again, this will normally vary dependent on the individual provider or plan you choose to work with. Usually the coverage under an in-patient portion of a Russian medical insurance plan includes:

Keep in mind that while the probability of being admitted to a hospital for in-patient treatment are generally not high, the premium costs will become miniscule in comparison to what you would have paid if you were not insured. Thus comprehensive health insurance becomes an effective protection against high fees associated with these types of treatment. Not to mention that, in Russia, a medical insurance policy with this coverage will also guarantee the best possible medical service and comfort.

Russia Inpatient Health Insurance Information

At Russia Health Insurance we are able to provide you with most up-to-date information that will help you make the best decision in finding the right medical insurance plan for yourself and your family. If you would like to know more about various coverage and benefit options under the in-patient portion of the health insurance plan please contact us. Or simply complete the short form at the top of this page to request additional clarification about the possible benefits offered by an inpatient health insurance policy.