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Russia Health Insurance Coverage Emergency Evacuation

Russia Health Insurance Emergency Evacuation

Emergency evacuation services are generally included in most comprehensive Russian health insurance plans. If you are traveling, or residing in, Russia it is definitely one aspect of a policy which you should pay attention to when purchasing your voluntary medical insurance plan.

If you have traveled across Russian borders for your work or as a tourist, you are probably aware of how vast and unevenly developed the country is. Among Russians there is a well known saying: 'Moscow is not Russia' and indeed once you travel to Rostov or Novosibirsk you will understand what this means. While less hectic when compared to the capital, majority of Russia is still lagging far behind in improvement of infrastructure and technology. Should anything unforeseen happen Emergency evacuation coverage will allow you to be transported to the nearest hospital that is able to provide the treatment necessary.

Russia Health Insurance Emergency Evacuation Coverage

Emergency evacuation becomes essential in cases where you find yourself severely ill, or where you have suffered a serious physical injury, in an area where the medical support you require is not available. An Emergency Evacuation Coverage Benefit will ensure that you are transported to the nearest center of medical excellence to receive quality medical treatment in the event that you are unable to receive the necessary care in your immediate area.

The procedure necessitates that your treating doctor requests the evacuation, which is subsequently subjected to insurance provider's authorization. Please be aware that, as a policy holder, you may not demand the medical evacuation if it is not warranted for your condition. The hypothetical chances of an emergency like this happening are quite low, however once it happens the actual fees for ambulance transportation, heli-lifts, airplane flights are extremely high; therefore, we strongly advice you obtain a Russian medical insurance plan that is capable of addressing such issues.

Russia Health Insurance Emergency Evacuation Information

If you wish to know more about emergency evacuation, its procedures and the benefits of obtaining such coverage, please contact us. You can also use the short form at the top of this page to complete a simple information request. At Russia Health Insurance our dedicated team of advisers will be able to provide you with the most comprehensive and up to date information you need in order to make an informed decision when purchasing your medical insurance in Russia.