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Russia Health Insurance Coverage Dental Insurance

Russia Dental Health Insurance

Dental care is probably one of the few areas of healthcare in Russia that people do not hesitate to spend substantial amounts of money on. In recent years Russia has seen a great amount of growth in the dental care industry and the overall quality of the services has dramatically improved compared to the Soviet era.

Under the government funded obligatory medical health insurance policy, people of up to18 years of age may receive dental services free of charge. Despite that, over 60% of local families choose to either pay for a highly trained specialist outside of the governmental healthcare program or buy Russia health insurance that covers dental costs for their children.

Dental treatments are by no means cheap and acquiring a comprehensive purchased medical insurance plan is highly recommended.

A great number of expatriates living in Russia have the voluntary health insurance provided by their (or their spouse's) employer. Typically these plans offer little dental coverage or protection. As an alternative you may consider expanding your current plan to fully cover dental care, keep in mind that your annual premium is likely to increase because of that.

Russia Dental Health Insurance Coverage

When looking at Dental Insurance coverage in Russia there are typically two major options for you to consider:

Routine Dental Treatment

If you are seeking a basic, yet comprehensive, level of protection for your dental coverage Routine Dental Treatment coverage will suffice. It generally includes coverage for the following procedures:

Major Dental Treatment

If you believe that you might need a higher coverage level then Major Dental Treatment coverage would suit you best. It generally includes all the services covered under the more simple Routine Dental treatment as well as more complex procedures such as:

Russia Dental Insurance Considerations

There are several aspects that you will need to keep in mind when considering Dental Insurance in Russia. As with many coverage benefits there may be a Waiting Period imposed on your dental coverage; this typically depends on the insurance provider and specific policy you choose to work with.

Generally though it is highly unlikely for a person not to have any pre-existing dental conditions, therefore an insurance company is obliged to implement the necessary waiting period, after which the the policy will cover the insured services.

It is also useful to know that quite a number of health insurance plans cover emergency dental work under the in-patient portion of your medical insurance plan. Therefore, even if your medical insurance plan does not have a comprehensive dental coverage, in the case of an accident or and emergency you may well be covered by the in-patient portion of your plan.

As with any other coverage benefits you may wish to obtain under your Russian Medical Insurance policy it is important that you fully understand any applicable limits, or exclusions which may apply to your Dental insurance plan in the country.

Russia Dental Insurance Information

If you wish to have a better understanding of the dental coverage in the medical insurance plan, its variations or find information on reputable dental clinics for yourself or your family in Russia, please contact us or submit an informational request by using the short form at the top of this page. At Russia Health Insurance our advisers are well informed about the general requirements around medical insurance plans and will be able to help you find the information you need in order to make the right choice when considering purchasing a comprehensive medical insurance plan.