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Russia Health Insurance Coverage Chronic Condition

Russia Health Insurance Chronic Condition

The term Chronic Medical Condition refers to a medical condition or a health problem that has no known definitive cure. These conditions are generally not life threatening, yet do require constant surveillance and attention.

Conditions such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma and Arthritis are typical examples of chronic medical conditions.

While we are young and healthy it rarely occurs to us that one day we are highly likely to suffer from the same diseases as the elderly: high blood pressure, joint inflammation, and unbalanced sugar levels in the blood. However young we may stay in our mind, the body has its own course of development and deterioration. Therefore it is important to insure that chronicle conditions are covered under your medical insurance plan.

However, if you suffer from one of the above mentioned chronic conditions and then attempted to obtain a Russia health insurance plan, under a standard policy the chronic condition will often be deemed to be pre-existing, and will not typically be covered under the insurance policy. As such, it is often extremely wise to assess your current state of health and obtain a Russian health insurance plan which covers chronic conditions well ahead of your actually developing such a condition. Doing otherwise may leave you with costly medical bills for the rest of your life, especially if you live in an area with a high risk for a number of serious medical conditions, such as Moscow.

If you are living in Moscow you may well agree that the city, while bustling and exciting, is not a holiday resort per se. The air pollution levels are among the worst in the world, after Hong Kong and Beijing. Summer months are especially unbearable as the the ever present road-traffic congestions, heat waves and occasional forest and peat fires contribute to the toxicity of the air. The negative impacts on health through high pollution levels are staggering, although they may not be readily apparent. For example, a lack of oxygen supplied to the heart and other tissues triggers a rise in an individual’s blood-sugar levels, which can lead directly to the development of Type 2 Diabetes. Additionally, fine particulates in the air from industrial waste are the leading cause of Asthma in both Children and Adults – Asthma is a chronic condition which can never be cured, leading to continuing medical bills for constant treatments. The human body is a highly tuned and interconnected system, something as common as air pollution might set you up for several chronicle ailments in the future.

While it is difficult to resolve the problem of air pollution and other causes of many of the world’s most prevalent chronic medical conditions overnight, it is much easier to protect yourself by acquiring a comprehensive medical insurance that would cover chronic medical conditions should they ever occur.

Russia Health Insurance Chronic Condition Coverage

As mentioned earlier if you are planning to buy a medical insurance policy and already have a chronic medical condition, that condition will normally be treated as a pre-existing one and usually will not be covered under your purchased medical insurance.

Click Pre-existing condition insurance for more information about how insurance companies normally manage pre-existing medical condition coverage.

However, if you possess a medical insurance policy you will generally be able to receive the benefits of the insurance towards the treatment of the condition as it develops. As you age, this coverage should be viewed as increasingly important.

Russia Health Insurance providers offer the coverage of chronic medical conditions in various ways:

Annual Limit

Under this type of coverage the insurance provider will outline a limit to the monetary amount spent each policy year for the treatment of the chronic medical condition(s). Each year, as you renew your policy, the limit will be reset allowing you to continue to enjoy the coverage and benefits in treating the condition under the Russia medical insurance plan.

Lifetime Limit

In the plan where the chronic condition coverage is subjected to lifetime limit the insurance provider sets out a monetary amount that will cover the fees for the treatment for the whole life. It might not be as attractive as the annual limit because once the benefits exceed the limit typically no additional coverage will be offered to the insured party.

Acute Phases Only

Under the acute phases only coverage merely the out-breaks of the condition will be considered for coverage under your medical insurance plan. Out-breaks in this regard are considered situations in which medical assistance is needed. The acute phase may also refer to the chronic condition “flare-up.” For example an asthma attack for an asthmatic would be an acute phase of his chronic medical condition.

It is important to keep in mind that the levels of coverage afforded to Chronic conditions under a Russian Medical Insurance plan will depend on the insurance provider you choose to work with. When obtaining Russian chronic condition coverage we recommend that you read all portions of the policy carefully and fully understand the coverage and benefits which may be offered by the plan.

Chronic Condition Health Insurance Information

If you wish to know more about the coverage of chronic medical conditions with a Russian Medical Insurance plan please contact us or complete the short request form at the top of this page. At Russia Health Insurance we can help you find out more about matters of medical insurance in Russia as well as advise you on potential health risks you might want to insure yourself against.