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Russia Health Insurance Coverage Coverage Areas

Russia Health Insurance Coverage Areas

At Russia Health Insurance we believe that any medical insurance policy should provide maximum convenience to the insured individual and their family.

Medical insurance coverage received under the Russian National Insurance Scheme will only protect you against the costs associated with medical treatment while you are located within the borders of the Russian Federation. However, individuals who frequently travel abroad understand the importance of being covered by health insurance plan while on the road.

Commonly, overseas travelers protect themselves by acquiring short term travel insurance for the duration of their time abroad. That usually occurs when a person has a Local Health Insurance plan, such as the coverage received under the Russian Obligatory Health Insurance Scheme, but is not covered internationally. However, depending on the frequency of the overseas journeys an individual may take, the constant purchase of many independent short term travel insurance plans may amount to a substantial sum of money in terms of premium spending.

For individuals who plan on traveling extensively outside of Russia, a more common sense approach would be to find a Russian international health insurance plan which allows for coverage on a global basis.

In the modern world where people travel extensively for work as well as pleasure such inconvenience cause a lot of unnecessary stress as well expenditures. If you wish to learn more about the differences between the Local Health Insurance versus International Health Insurance please click on the link provided.

Geographical Area of Coverage

At Russia Health Insurance we can help you understand important nuances about geographical areas of coverage on global medical insurance plans so that you will be better equipped to make an informed decision once you look into purchasing your medical and health insurance.

As a standard industry practice there are usually two types of options offered in regards to geographical area of coverage. Those are:

Please note that, depending on the insurance provider, there may be various other options in terms of geographical coverage. Worldwide Coverage excluding the USA and Worldwide Coverage tend to be two more comprehensive and time-tested options.

The annual premiums for the Worldwide Coverage plans tend to be much higher due to the fact that health and medical care in the United States is far more expensive than in the rest of the world.

On the other hand if you are not intending to spend much time in the United States the Worldwide Excluding the USA plan might be a more sensible option for you. This option will significantly reduce your annual premium payments while still providing a comprehensive coverage in most of the countries.

Russia Health Insurance Coverage Area Information

If you would like to know more about the options associated with international health insurance and geographical area of coverage both inside and outside of Russia, please contact us or submit the informational request form at the top of this page. Our advisers will be happy to further inform you and provide impartial clarification in regards to choosing health and medical insurance plan that would suit your needs best.