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Russia Health Insurance Coverage Alternative Medicine

Russia Alternative Medicine Health Insurance

Recently published statistics revealed that less than 50% of Russian people go to see the doctor at least once a year. This low visitation rate is often explained by general distrust that people in Russia have for the orthodox medical services provided in the country. The factors contributing to widespread distrust are overly bureaucratic organization of the healthcare system, prevalent bribe demands by medical staff for services that by law ought to be free of charge, as well as generally neglectful attitude towards patients across the board. A saying that has become somewhat of a proverb “medicine (in Russia) doesn’t cure but cripple” swiftly summarizes the overall attitude that people in Russia assume.

In a country that is largely considered the least healthy in the developed world, where the average male life expectancy barely reaches 60 years of age, such a low trust in medicine leaves a void to be filled by self proclaimed healers armed with spells, herbs and crystal balls. The end of Soviet era saw heightened popularity of television healing sessions by psychics and parapsychologists. To a foreigners this heightened superstition among majority of the populace might seem outright strange if not shocking.

To be fair not all healing practices considered unorthodox are frowned upon. There are plenty of legitimate practitioners in chiropractic treatment, osteopathy, and acupuncture throughout Russia. While some alternative-medical practices can be covered by your medical insurance, keep in mind that not all health insurance providers will be able to offer coverage for alternative-medicine treatments.

Russia Alternative Medicine Insurance Coverage

Considerable numbers of the medical insurance options available in Russia may offer coverage for Alternative Medicine. The treatments covered under such policies range from various types of homeopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture aromatherapy and herbal medicine.

The coverage for such treatments is usually provided under the Out-patient Health Insurance portion of a plan. To improve the chance of getting coverage for the alternative medicine treatments provide a letter form your medical doctor confirming the necessity of such procedure.

Russia Alternative Medicine Insurance Information

If you would like to know more about what types of alternative medicine treatments are covered under health insurance plans or what sort of documentation would the health insurance provider require in order to make a successful claim please contact us. You can also request additional information by completing the short form at the top of this page. At Russia Health Insurance we can help you find all the necessary information you need in order to make a well informed decision when purchasing your medical insurance plan.