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Russia Health Insurance About Russia Health Insurance

About Russia Health Insurance

Russia Health Insurance is an informational resource. We offer advice to anyone who is looking to make an informed decision when it comes to acquiring a voluntary medical insurance in Russia.

The process of finding a quality medical insurance plan can often be disorienting, no matter where in the world you are located. When dealing with an insurance company directly, generally their incentive is to sell you an insurance package that covers maximum risks thus making it more expensive for you. We can help you understand basic terms often used in such insurance contracts and inform you about ways of customizing your insurance plan, thus making it more cost-effective and less demanding on your pocket.

As a company we are dedicated to protecting the interests of our clients, and ensuring that the information we provide to our users is as comprehensive as possible. We are not affiliated or in anyway linked to any operating insurance company, nor are we an insurance provider, intermediary or agent; thus we are able to provide essential and valuable advice to you during your search for a voluntary medical insurance policy in Russia.

Our consultants will provide you with strictly unbiased and impartial recommendations in regards to the suitability of majority of health insurance plans you may want to know about.

About Health Insurance in Russia

Russia's health insurance industry is still very new and comparatively underdeveloped. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, many governmental departments seized to exist. That list included Gosstrah – a governmental body solely and exclusively responsible for providing all kinds of insurance in the territory. With the events of 1991 Gosstrah was declared bankrupt, failing to pay out its debts. Due to this incident people of Russia are still wary when it comes to purchasing insurance policies and do prefer to pay for expenditures such as healthcare, for instance, directly out of their own pocket.

In turn this limits the development of the health insurance industry in the country. Until fairly recently Russian based insurance companies were unable to provide across-the-board health insurance policies that would cover serious medical conditions or complex treatments outside of the Russian Federation.

With Russia Health Insurance you can have access to wide database of information that will address your individual needs in regards to health and medical insurance plans in Russia and abroad. Our aim is to satisfy our customers who are looking to acquaint themselves with variety of health insurance policies available in Russia and elsewhere in the world.

We are committed to providing impeccable service to our customers. Our advisers are capable of handling inquiries in major languages making it easy for you to get information you need. We are able to consult you in English, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Portugese, Dutch and even Chinese ( Putonghua and Cantonese).

Global Russia Health Insurance

While there are immense business opportunities to be explored in Russia, the cold weather, heavy pollution in major cities and unstable socio-economic situation tend not to be the most inviting factors for expatriates and their families in the long run. If you are looking to relocate, with our extensive network of partners worldwide we can help you find necessary information for transferring you existing health insurance policy abroad.

With partners in Asia and the Middle East the broad scope of the countries covered is immense.

With a wide global outlook we are always in-the-know with regards to all the latest health insurance news and trends. That makes us better equipped to act as your Russia Health Insurance informational resource.

Russia Health Insurance Services

As a health insurance informational provider and knowledge resource Russia Health Insurance strives to serve our visitors with the most comprehensive information available. We provide information and support to individual and corporate clients looking to make an informed and knowledgeable decision before purchasing a Russia medical insurance policy.

Whether you are looking to clarify terms in your medical insurance policy contract, get an idea of what sort of medical insurance plans are currently available on the market, or seek further clarification regarding renewal of your health insurance, Russia Health Insurance is there to help you with all the data and advice you need to make your decision.

We can guide you in understanding what you should be looking out for when getting in touch with an insurance company or a broker, what to do if the insured event happened and how to handle the process of insurance claims.

With Russia Health Insurance you can be certain that your interests are protected.

Russia Health Insurance Privacy

At Russia Health Insurance we are fully aware that issues of security and privacy are of utmost importance to our clients. You can be sure that with us your data is safe and protected.

We fully comply with the law “On Personal Data” of the Russian Federation.

More Russia Health Insurance Information

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